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    Landscaping with plants in St. Charles MO

We install plants suited for the St. Louis area, taking into consideration sun and shade, wind direction, rain runoff and soil condition. Our plants are handpicked by our landscape designer especially for you!  We plant a full range of sizes from 1 gallon perennials to 5 inch diameter trees, even larger upon request.

Landscaping with Native Plants in Missouri

As native landscape contractors, we prepare the land and install native plants and seeds using the finest quality flora from Midwest suppliers. We like to convert high maintenance, low functional landscapes into low maintenance beautiful landscapes. Our goal is to ensure your plants are easy to maintain and also look as natural as possible.

Whether you have a balcony garden, a small urban lot or a sprawling farm, you can include native plants in your landscape. Native plants create beauty, flowers, fruit, food and cover for butterflies, birds and countless other wildlife species.
landscaping design using native missouri plants in St Charles MO

Plant landscaping St. Charles MO

Why use native plants?

  • They are adapted for our local climate
  • They are adapted for our soils
  • They require little or no irrigation
  • They seldom require fertilizers or pesticides

Our services include...

  • Removal of invasive species using low impact equipment
  • Targeted removal of invasive species in select areas
  • Herbicide application as needed in targeted area
  • Removal of woody invasive plants such as honeysuckle
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