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Lawn Care and Mowing Services in St. Charles, MO

It doesn't matter if you own a home, run a business, or manage an apartment complex, you want your lawn to look beautiful, green, and well trimmed all year long. But you don't have to take care of your lawn management all on your own. Instead, choose Heritage Lawn & Landscape for professional lawn mowing and lawn care in St. Charles, MO.
Free Lawn Analysis

Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

When we mow your lawn, we don't just mow over it quickly and leave. Like true professionals, we edge your lawn, sweep up all the grass, and clean up after ourselves. We don't make you operate on a contract either. Just let us know when you need weekly lawn mowing service, and we'll take care of your lawn, whether you own a large commercial property or a small home.

Lawn mowing in action in St. Charles, MO

Our Professional Fertilizer Treatments

Along with mowing your lawn, we ensure it stays green and beautiful for as long as possible. Before we apply fertilizer treatments, we provide our clients with a free analysis that helps us decide on the best tactics for improvement. You can choose from a variety of treatments, including weed control, grub control, and dandelion control.

Our Over seeding and Core Aeration Services

Over seeding lets us fill in patches in your grass without destroying the existing lawn, and core aeration gives your lawn enough nutrients, water, and air to grow healthily. If you live in or near St. Charles, MO, we recommend you use our over seeding and core aeration services in the early fall or even late summer.
Our lawn fertilizer treatments in St. Charles, MO.

Core aeration and over seeding in St. Charles, MO

Our Complete Lawn Renovations

If your lawn is completely brown and dead, don't worry-we have the right services to bring your lawn back to life. Before we decide your lawn needs a complete overhaul, we'll perform an evaluation that lets us know how to best proceed.
Late Summer and Early Fall is the optimal time to aerate and re-seed your lawn!
If you're interested in scheduling any of our services or getting your free consultation and analysis, call 314-420-6447.
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